Old Kent Estates
Nature    Nostalgia    Tranquility
Nestled in a lush and thriving coffee plantation, Old Kent Estates takes one back to the period of the British Raj. The lodge is an elegant example of British architecture, and is surrounded by a large English garden and acres of plantation and woodlands. The property has been carefully restored mindful of its serene environment and its glorious history, to ensure the guests a memorable holiday in this one-of-a-kind boutique resorts in Coorg.

Get pampered with Old Kent hospitality while experiencing the tranquil life of a typical estate owner in British India.
Holiday With Us
The heritage charm coupled with modern amenities makes Old Kent one of Coorg's best resorts for a unique and nostalgic experience. The Lodge features games room, library, home theatre and dining. English rose garden and 200 acre coffee estate with exciting plantation and trekking activities. Spacious individual cottages with private garden. Signature Old Kent Spa therapies.
Old Kent is located about 14 km from Mercara (Madikeri) and the property is a two hour drive from the historic city of Mysore. Distance from major International airports: Bangalore - 283 kms; Mangalore - 156 kms
Situated in Coorg, Old Kent is accessible to all major places of interest. It is 24 km from Kushalnagar and 20 km from Dubare Elephant Camp. Madikeri is 13 km away, while the Golden Temple at the Tibetan Settlement is 25 km away.
Gordon's Saloon is our in-house dining, while The Planter's Perch offers an open air "Al-Fresco" dining experience. We serve you local and seasonal cuisines and a variety of Indian and continental delicacies made with homemade warmth, prepared with the freshest ingredients. Also relish fresh estate coffee. Bonfire & BBQ can be arranged on request.
Tucked away well within the estates, Old Kent is one of the best hotels in Coorg. Your private cottage allows you to wake up to birdsong on a misty morning, and enjoy moments of tranquility through the day and a quiet sunset as the plantations sink into twilight.

The third wave coffee movement has given rise to a generation of coffee drinkers who no longer see the beverage as simply a means to wake up. For these aficionados, coffee is an experience.
We don't drink Coffee to stay awake,
we stay awake to drink coffee!"
Today, global coffee culture is picking up steam in the midst of off-beat cafes, circles of coffee-drinkers and through travel. Coffee lovers are discovering new coffee destinations from within the cities all the way to the countryside including the heartland of coffee in India, Coorg.
Come experience a holiday filled with nature, nostalgia and adventure while gaining an in depth understanding of this sought after elixir. Gone are the days when regular instant or milk coffee was the only type known to the average person. Today slowly but surely, India is waking up to the brew of some of the finest coffee grown underneath the canopy of the forest. A plethora of unique brewing methods and a variety of beans are available in the market.
Discover how Coffee is cultivated in one of the country's oldest plantations, Old Kent Estates. Gain a deeper appreciation of roasting techniques and experience subtle notes hidden in the beans. Learn exciting brewing techniques and impress your friends with your barista skills creating art from the rich froth of your latte.
Marc Tormo, will lead this incredible journey from
"Crop to Cup" for a select group at Old Kent Estates & Spa!
7th - 10th December, 2018
3 Nights and 4 Days
An all-inclusive stay at Old Kent Estates & Spa, Coorg in spacious English Cottages with private gardens, on per couple or sharing basis.
Who is it for?
Calling all coffee lovers, coffee enthusiasts, those trying to make an entry into the coffee world or simply those trying to impress their guests!
Come learn from coffee expert & connoisseur Marc Tormo who has more than 20 years of experience in the international coffee movement.
Event Details
Marc Tormo, Founder of Coffee Ideas! - Auroville.